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Great Memories Start with Summer

Summer is a time filled with sun, the great outdoors and memories. For adults, we may fill our days with work and have only a few weekends to get in our planned activities. Maybe you want to read a certain book this summer, climb a mountain or try some new recipes. Whatever your goals are, here are 25 fun activities you may want to consider trying to break up the mundane of the everyday routine.

1.  Stargazing and s’mores: Look at the starry night sky while making s’mores outside.

2. Take a weekend road trip with friends to the next town over, and explore their tourist spots.

3. Make your own homemade slip n’ slide.

4. Organize a car wash or bake sale to raise funds for your church.

5. Take a trip back to your elementary P.E. class days; play sharks and lifeguardscooters or dodgeball.

6. Pick fruit at a farm.

7. Visit a farmers market.

8. Make homemade popsicles.

9. Learn how to do something new: play an instrument, knit, learn a new language (YouTube will be helpful for this).

10. Grow your own vegetables or fruit.

11. Take a painting class with friends at a local business, or host a painting class at your home using a YouTube video for step-by-step instructions.

12. Volunteer at a local animal shelter.

13. Use your lunch break one day to play a game of soccer, volleyball or Frisbee.

14. Go for a walk on a trail you’ve never been to before, and explore.

15. Cook meals for friends.

16. Host a homemade ice cream competition among friends, and vote for whose ice cream tastes the best. Who doesn’t love ice cream?

17. Look for free events in your town: jazz concerts, outdoor movies, etc.

18. Host a potluck at a nearby park.

19. Train for a local road race or triathlon.

20. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or local food pantry.

21. Have a game night with friends.

22. Re-read books from your childhood.

23. Take pictures of nature.

24. Play a card game with co-workers during your lunch break. I used to play spoons during lunch in high school.

25. Go fishing.

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