Cashmere Wool Comforter

  • $70.00

Wonderful Quilted Wool Comforter

Great for a Perfectly Warm Night Sleep

Specially selected Cashmere Grade Camel Hair Fill Naturally Provides A Climate Controlled Sleeping Environment

  • Camel fiber with hollow bamboo-like structure, it is highly beneficial to the air storage and can reduce the thermal conductivity in cold weather, heat retention is better than leather and cotton can discharge excess heat in cold weather
  • The material can absorb moisture in the air, and ruled out the moisture, to keep the inside velvet dry and comfortable
  • Camel’s hair is best in keeping one warm, it has a soft texture, good air permeability
  • The camel’s hair is often called  “soft gold”

Temperatures Range From -10° F To 110° F; Inherent Thermo-Dynamic Properties Of The Hair Regulate Temperature And Provide Exceptional Moisture Control

  • Pattern - Patchwork
  • Weaving Technology - Tribute Silk