1/12 Miniature Doll House 12 Piece Porcelain Tea Set

  • $8.00

Miniature Porcelain Tea Set for Your DIY Miniature Collection

A Wonderful Miniature Tea Service

Perfect for Both Teenagers and Grownups, Perfect Gift Idea!


Tea Pot
Height: 3.4cm(included cover) (1.33")
Diameter: 2.6cm (included handle and mouth) (1.02")

Tea Cups
Height: 0.9cm (.35")
Diameter: 1.6cm (included handle) (.62")

Milk Container
Height: 1.3cm (.51")
Diameter: 1.5cm (included handle) (.59")

Small Saucers
Diameter: 1.6cm (.62")

Round Dishes
Diameter: 2.3cm (.90")

Sugar Bowl with Cover
Height: 2cm (.78")
Diameter: 2cm (included handles) (.78")

Package Includes: 
1 x Teapot
4 x Teacups
4 x Small saucers
1 x Sugar Bowl
1 x Milk Container
4 x Round dishes