Drip Sprinkler Irrigation Hose System

  • $20.00

Perfect Self Watering Kits/Landscape Drip Kit

The Perfect Watering Tool, Turn on the Tap and Water the Whole Garden!

This set is perfect drip irrigation system to cool greenhouse plants

It can automatically irrigation when tight wire tap adapter and open water

Great for Watering the garden, potted plants, shrubs and trees,

The system also by more than 70% of conventional nozzles reduce water consumption, 

focusing directly on the surface of the root

  • 20 Meter (65') Plastic Hose
  • 20 Piece Micro Sprinklers
  • 2 Piece Mini Switch
  • 10 Tee Pieces 
  • 4 Bending Joints
  • 1 Quick connector
  • 2 Plugs
  • 6 Limit Snaps