Bamboo Fiber Towel Set

  • $25.00

Wonderful Twill Styled 100% Bamboo 3 Piece Towel Set

Soft, Quick Drying and Super Absorbent
Exc: Because the cross-section of the bamboo fibre is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, it has much better moisture absorption
With this unparalleled micro-structure, bamboo fibre can absorb and evaporate humans sweat in a split second
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Durable, easy to wash and dry, Natural anti-bacterial, No smell

Comes in Colors - Purple, Gray, Camel

Bath Towel Size - 70cm x 140cm (27.6" x 55.1")
Hand Towel Size -  34cm x 76cm (13.4" x 29.9")

Package included -1 Bath Towel, 2 Hand Towels