Silk White Duvet

  • $105.00

Exquisite 100% Mulberry Silk Duvets, the Lap of Luxury

Keeps You Warm in the Winter & Cool in the Summer

Silk comforters are commonly used throughout the world due to the Structure and are Hypoallergenic

Increasing popularity stems from a combination of factors, including their thermal properties and they are lightweight

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FEATURES: No Box Stitch to Destroy Silk Structure, Just Long Strand Silk Filling with Special Fixed Techniques 

  • Small Zipper on the Side of the Comforter for Silk Floss Filling Authenticity Inspection
  • Super Soft and Smooth Yet Breathable, Best for Skin Care, Anti- Bateria, Anti-allergenic, No Shifting Perfect for Allergy Suffers

CARE NOTICE: Rarely Requires Cleaning, Air Outside on A Sunny Day to Freshen Up

Size Imperial (inches) Metric (cm)
Double 80 x 86 204 x 218
Queen 90 x 90 229 x 229
King 104 x 90 264 x 229
Super King 112 x 100

284 x 254

Sizes  Weights - 2000g - 5000g
120cm x 150cm (47" x 59")
180cm x 180cm (70" x 70")
160cm x 200cm (63" x 78.74")
180cm x 200cm (70" x 78.74")
150cm x 210cm (59" x 82.67")
160cm x 210cm (63" x 82.67")
180cm x 210cm (70" x 82.67")
180cm x 220cm (70" x 86.61")
200cm x 220cm Single (78.74" x 86.61")
200cm x 230cm Single (78.74" x 90.55")
220cm x 240cm Double (78.74" x 94.48")
220cm x 230cm Queen (78.74" x 90.55")
230cm x 250cm King (90.55" x 98.42")