White Mulberry Silk Pillow

  • $331.99

100% Mulberry Silk Exquisite Pillows, the Lap of Luxury

  • Silk Pillows are commonly used throughout the world due to the Structure and are Hypoallergenic with Long Strand Silk Filling and Special Fixed Techniques 
  • Silk Floss Filling Authenticity Inspection
  • Small Zipper on the Side of the Pillow 
  • Super Soft and Smooth Yet Breathable, Best for Skin Care, Anti- Bateria, Anti-allergenic
  • CARE NOTICE: Air Outside on A Sunny Day to Freshen Up
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    30cm x 60cm (12" x 23.62")
    48cm x 74cm (18.89" x 29")
    51cm x 81cm (20" x 32")
    Material: 100% Silk

    Weight: 1-1.5 kg

    Silk Weight: 1000 grams (2.20pd), 1250 grams (2.75pd), 1500 grams  (3.30pd)