Vintage World Map - 3 Panel Canvas

  • $10.00

Welcome to the World of Canvas Art! 🗺️ 🗺️

Great for Large Walls or Just that One Wall 

The Detailed Panels help Heighten the Beauty of the Picture

The Panels Expand the Image so You can See More! 

Comes in 4 Sizes So You Can Pick How Big and we have an Option for 1 Big Picture!

This is Canvas only, No Framework

Canvas Size:
20cm x 40cm x 3 (7.87" x 7.87")
30cm x 60cm x 3 (11.81" x 11.81")
40cm x 80cm x 3 (15.74" x 31.49")
50cm x 100cm x 3 (19.68" x 39.37")