3D Cute Ceramic Flamingo Teapot & Cup

  • $20.00

Very Adorable Flamingo Teapot & Cup 

Now Impress Your Guests with this Fun and Beautiful Teapot & Cup

I always had special fun cups and bowls for when my kids got sick, and I think it helped them feel a little bit better and these would certainly lighten up any sick person's day!

Also, perfect for personalized gifts, would look adorable filled with candy or other goodies

Not only functional tableware but also exquisite ceramic artwork and great for everyday use

Made of premium lead-free and BPA free food grade ceramic with thick ergonomic handles

Microwave safe for reheating 

Easy cleaning - Dishwasher Safe, and slim and small enough for cupboard storage


  • Teapot - 23cm x 15.5cm (1ltr) (9.05" x 6.10") (0.26gal.)
  • Cup - 12cm x 9cm (450ml) (4.72" x  3.54") (1.87c)