Wood 3D DIY Dollhouse Furniture

  • $5.00

Incredible Detail Miniature DIY Dollhouse Furniture

Show How Incredible it is to Create and Build Wonderful Miniature Furniture

Great Display Item and conversation piece (of course that's after you've put it together...you'll need batteries, glue & tools) 

Perfect for Both Teenagers and Grownups, Perfect Gift Idea!

1. Made of the high-quality wood   
2. Easy assembly   
3. Assemble without glue and tools  
4. You can add color to it before or after assembly   
5. Suit for children older than five years of age

Assembly instructions
1. Push the first one out, then all other section carefully   
2. Before assembly, sand rough edges smooth with high-quality sandpaper    
3. Map out each component's position    
4. Assemble the two components with consistency numbers together     
5. If any are loose, use glue to secure

Package included: 1x Set