3D LED Ice Cream Visual Lamp

  • $25.00

3D Ice Cream Cone and It Won't Melt!

Makes a Great Gift for Kids, Adults, Families, and Friends

Has a Beautiful Warm Glow

Automatically Color Changing Mode

Press the touch button for One Solid Color, then press it again, for Auto Color Change

  • When you touch the power switch first, it shows the first color
  • Touch second, the light turns off
  • Touch third, it shows the second color
  • Until the lamp shows the 7th color and turns off, it will then go back to the mode of 7-color gradual change
  • Energy saving Power spend: 0.012kw.h/24 hours
  • LED life span: 10000 hours
  • Very low heat-conductive, will not be hot after a long time