Mosaic Diamond 5D Craft DIY - The Couple

  • $15.00

Truly Stunning 5D Mosaic Embroidery Kit

Great Summer Project

Very Interesting Take on an Old Favorite (Like Cross Stitching or Paint By Numbers, But Not Quite)

Great Activity for Indoors!

Put away the Needle and Thread and Use Resin Diamond Squares Instead 

(See Pictures)

Comes with a Rolled Up Canvas and Little Resin Squares

  • Open the parcel and take out all diamonds
  • Adhere a little glue to the top of the pen
  • Find the corresponded diamonds using check-list embroidered on the side of the canvas
  • Lift diamonds with drill pen
  • Put diamonds in the correct place marked on canvas
  • Press the finished part, make sure it is strongly attached
  • Roll up the finished painting and face out the front part
  • After finishing, you can use a suitable frame to frame and hang on the wall
20cm x 27cm (7.87" x 10.62"
30cm x 40cm (11.81" x 15.74")
40cm x 54cm (15.74" x 21.25")
50cm x 67cm (19.68" x 26.37")