5D DIY A Walk to the Sea Diamond Mosaic Craft

  • $15.00

Great Activity for Indoors!

Put away the Needle and Thread and Use Resin Diamond Squares Instead 

Comes with a Rolled Up Canvas and Little Resin Squares

  • Open the parcel and take out all diamonds
  • Adhere a little glue to the top of the pen
  • Find the corresponded diamonds using check-list embroidered on the side of the canvas
  • Lift diamonds with drill pen
  • Put diamonds in the correct place marked on canvas
  • Press the finished part, make sure it is strongly attached
  • Roll up the finished painting, the front part face out 
  • After finishing, you can use a suitable frame and hang it on the wall
  • (See Pictures)


  • 20cm x 25cm  (7.87" x 9.84")
  • 30cm x 37cm (11.81" x 14.56")
  • 40cm x 50cm (15.75" x 19.68")
  • 48cm x 60cm (18.89" x 23.62")