Salad Cutter Bowl

  • $8.00

Ultimate Salad Bowl¬†ūü•ó¬†

Make a Salad in 60 Seconds

Super Easy to Use and Easy Clean Up, Put Everything into the Bowl, Cut and Done!

Everyone loves a fresh, healthy salad

  • But to prepare a salad at home, you have to wash and rinse the lettuce, slice and chop all of¬†the ingredients, then slice and chop some more
  • With this 60 second maker (BPA-free) it will easily rinse, chop and serve almost any salad in seconds!
  • The unique slits take all¬†the hassle out of rinsing and straining and allow you to chop the ingredients all at once!It's the easy way to healthy, fresh salad¬†every day

Operating Instruction
Step 1: Put all your ingredients in the strainer bowl, wash it under the water.
Step 2: Set up the cover and the bowl, and slicer 
Step 3: Rotate the bowl to another direction, slice it again, if you enjoy a smaller piece, just repeat step 3 and slice several times, your salad will become smaller with each slice
Step 4: Put your ingredients and salad dressing together, and enjoy!

  • Size - 18cm x 22.5cm x 10cm (7.08" x 8.85" x 3.93")
  • FDA Approved Plastic Material
  • Colors¬†- White, Blue, Green