American Old Retro Metal Flower Pot

  • $15.00

Garden Decor Flower Arrangement Bucket 

Add green plant fleshy flower pots, dried flower barrels, floral flower arrangement, moss landscape mirror micro landscape, pencil holders

Both the fine beauty of mechanized products and the simple and beautiful texture of handmade products, harmonious and diverse

Made with Galvanized iron sheet material. Waterproof and rustproof, light and easy to move, durable and not afraid of falling
Different processes. Numerous styles to meet the diverse needs of diverse customers
All products go through a leak-proof process, and most products can guarantee good water resistance. However, due to manual operations, there will be some micro-osmotic phenomena in high-barrel products (high water pressure) and square box products (iron sheet is not tightly integrated).In response to this problem, we will continue to improve the process and eventually solve it

For good water resistance, the treatment method is simple. Use a self-drying adhesive/waterproof adhesive or even a plasticine at the bottom metal-bonded wire (especially at the three-wire joint), micro-holes can be blocked