Colorful Egg Poachers x 2

  • $1.99

Great Egg Poacher and Colorful As Well 🍳🥚

Set of 2 pieces and Food Grade Silicone

Easy Wash up and Dishwasher safe

SILICONE EGG POACHER PODS - BPA free, FDA approved. High-quality food grade silicone material

Easy to clean - 100% non-stick eggs. Hand wash the Poachers or put them in the dishwasher

SAY BYE-BYE TO YOUR OLD UNHYGIENIC POACHERS - These revolutionary top quality egg poachers are the answer to all the longtime problems of metal poachers, egg boilers, egg poacher pan, egg pan, egg rings, and microwave egg cookers that are high on storage space, maintenance and low on hygiene

MAKES SCRUMPTIOUS POACHED EGGS - Unbeatable results - perfectly shaped delicious eggs that are evenly cooked, Amazing to the touch, Perfect for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner or just as a side dish. super easy to make, and come out cooked 'Just Right' - Every single time.

Heat resistant to 675 degrees can be used in boiled water or as a microwave egg poacher

Flexible silicone cooking tool, perfect for poaching eggs, baking and molding floats in the water during cooking, poach it, bake it or mold it, this is one very handy tool to have in your kitchen

Diameter - 9cm (4")