Lucky Rainbow Night Light

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  • Save $6.00

Wonderful Rainbow Night Light for Toddlers 🌈🌈

Perfect for any Child and Ay who Love "Somewhere over the Rainbow!"

A brilliant rainbow projected across your walls and ceiling

It’s a sure way to make any room a happier place

With this amazing rainbow projector, you can enjoy the beautiful rainbow in your room

How to operate

  • On the bottom of the base, select Mode 1 or Mode 2
  • Mode 1 - turns rainbow on at once
  • Mode 2 - turns rainbow on one color at a time
  • Press the button on the top of the rainbow to turn it on/off If left on, the rainbow will turn off automatically after 10 minutes

If you are using an AC adapter, the unit will remain on until the on/off button is pressed

Can be used DC or with AAA Batteries

Lights are LED and Wattage is 0-5W, Voltage is 6V