Wifi Night Vision Mini Q7 Camera

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Quick Selling Infrared Night Vision Camera 📽️

Great for Security and Peace of Mind, Easy Install

Watch over Loved Ones and Pets with this Night Vision Camera

Flash Point

  • Boot-ready: in any place, once booted, start to record, without any settings
  • Intelligent detection: user can open the intelligent detection function, save storage when there is no change on the screen, any abnormal movement will automatically change the camera to high frame rate video model
  • Smart storage: when the TF card is full, the camera will cover the earliest record files to keep recording
  • Video segmentation: every half hour split a video file, user-friendly post-copy, reduce the damage rate of video files
  • Filename: the file name is named at the current time, making it easy for the user to view the video status for each period
  • File format: standard file format, compatible with anyone video player software, don’t need to install any additional playback software
  • Point to multipoint: multi smartphone can connect to the same camera monitoring at the same time even without the router, the current market, other network cameras can support only one mobile phone to connect the camera to watch
  • Easy to operate: can automatically record the router has been connected, you do not have to change a place for a router to update the information

How to use it?

  • If there is no router available, just connect to the Wi-Fi camera created by opening your phone, search the hot point, connect it, that’s it
  • If there is a router, the camera will connect to the router in the first place, and don’t need to set up anything like network port
  • Use the P2P technology, the user can connect it in any place with any network. No IP limit. No UPNP set up
  • You can also use the computer to connect it, the camera support multi terminals at the same time
  • Login: user can apply any username and password for free, just use the name and password you applied to log in the app on the phone (app address sent with the phone)
  • One register account can be used by multi terminals
  • Because the camera can create the hot point itself, so you don’t need any more wirework, easy to set up to any place you like
  • Wi-Fi distance: In good condition, it can be searched at around 40 meters. In the normal house, it might be 30 meters


  • Product Type: WIFI
  • P2P network camera
  • AVI video format
  • M- JPEG video coding
  • Remote video resolution: 640x480 VGA
  • Storage support TF card can be extended to 32G
  • Playing with or mainstream audio and video playback software operating system
  • Charging Voltage:5V
  • Size - 1/4"
  • Pixel - 0.3 million
  • Alarm function - Yes
  • Battery type high capacity polymer lithium battery
  • Micro SD Card memory support (TF Card)
  • 24 Hours of continuous recording with TF card 10
  • Support up to 32gb TF card (does not include a TF Card)
  • Support P2P