Outdoor Water Purification Device

  • $45.00

Amazing Water Filtration Thermos Device

Great for Emergencies or if You Run Out of Water on a Hike

Never Worry About Going Thirsty Again with this Long Lasting Handy Device

  • Miniwell L600 0.05 micron triple filtration versatile straw water filter turns running fresh water into clean drinking water instantly without using chemicals
  • It is effective against 99.9% of all kind of bacteria, microorganism, protozoa, also remove residual chlorine, unpleasant taste, odor and 99.9% heavy metals (Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium) 
  • Miniwell L600 can be used to drink from threaded 28mm standard PET bottle, cup, water bag or directly from water sources
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact size fits easily into the smallest backpack, fanny pack or emergency kits

Good choice for soldiers, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, climbing, travel, biking, trekking, backpacking, out-door work, survival, emergency and refugee and rescuer in earthquake or flood area 

  • Filtration Pore size - 0.05 micron
  • Size - 35mm x 180mm (1.37" x 7.08")
  • Net Weight - 98g (3.45oz)
  • Water Flow - 200ml/min (1.01oz)
  • Filtration Capacity - 1000L (528gl)
  • Material - ABS, PP, Carbon Fiber, UF (medical grade)
  • Shelf Life - 5 years (After Initial Wetting: 3 years)