Stainless Steel Syringe Flavor Injector

  • $1.99

Marinade Injector Needle

Stainless steel for meat marinade needle and plunger rod; eco-friendly plastic materials for syringe barrel, handles, and pump plate 

  • BPA-free and FDA-compliant silicone for seals
  • Ultra-compact package (Slide Card), portable package great for indoors cooking, holiday dinners, baking, toasting, roasting, and outdoor BBQ, bonfire smoked grill
  • Food injector is solidly built to last to intensify flavors of Thanksgiving / Christmas turkey, steak, brisket, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, goose, duck; inject seasoning like garlic/honey butter, red wine/rum, buffalo sauce, even jelly/pudding, strawberries, brine into home-cured meats; practical for kitchen tools
  • Ergonomically designed for one-hand injecting handles; graduated injection chamber: 1-oz/30ml capacity measurement markings in ml and oz up the side; 3” sturdy seasoning injector needle with a hole for deep penetration and perfect sauce distribution with liquid brine/marinades; easy clean for meat needle with the small cleaning brush
  • Remove the tiny plastic protection tip that covers the syringe needle before use
  • Certification CE / EU
  • Made with Stainless Steel